Why You Need a Recruitment Partner and not a Quick Fix

When it comes to recruitment, some agencies treat it as a numbers game, filling as many positions as quickly as they can without worrying whether the candidates they find are the best people for the job. By slashing their fees, they can make their services appear attractive to potential clients, but when you need highly skilled candidates, you should see this as a warning sign. 

When you’re searching for long-term hires in an industry where the best workers are hard to come by, like the semiconductor and power electronics sector, you need a trusted and highly specialised recruitment partner.

What is a recruitment partner?

To find the right candidates in sectors where the best talent is in high demand, it pays to think long-term by forging a relationship with a recruiter that understands the sector inside out. Rather than just an ad-hoc outsourced provider, they can become an extension of your team and work in partnership with you. As well as helping you find the best talent, they can also identify and solve your immediate and longer-term recruitment challenges. 

As the recruitment partner for some of the world’s leading electronics firms, we help them fill their immediate skills gaps and develop plans to secure their talent pipeline for the future. That includes continuous evaluation and succession planning to identify areas of development. We also provide advice on the electronics skills they need and how much they’ll have to pay to get them, provide new starter aftercare and take care of probation periods to boost retention rates.

What are the benefits of working with a recruitment partner?

1. Receive full support throughout the hiring process

A recruitment partner does not just charge a fee, fill the role and move on. They provide full support throughout the entire process. That includes advertising the role, contacting active and passive candidates, conducting initial interviews, shortlisting CVs, arranging interviews, delivering two-way feedback, managing the offer/negotiation stage and supporting the onboarding process. 

2. Identify hard-to-find talent

In the semiconductor and electronics industries, it’s rarely the case that the best candidates are actively seeking a job. However, a good recruitment partner will have a pipeline of active and passive candidates that they are talking to all the time. They can respectfully reach out to passive candidates to gauge how happy they are in their current roles and whether they may consider a new opportunity. They also have a deeper understanding of the skills, personality and work history of every candidate, so they know who is a good fit for a particular role.

3. Provide valuable industry insight

The global electronics and semiconductor industry is extremely fast-paced, with emerging technologies and constant shifts in labour trends. A recruitment partner with specialist market knowledge can offer invaluable insight for businesses and hiring managers. That includes everything from what’s driving people to change jobs to where the best people are based and the sort of salary you should expect to pay.

4. Accurately represent your brand

A good recruitment partner will know your business inside out and be able to accurately represent your brand, your culture and all the things that make working for you unique. They’ll also know which candidates represent a good fit for your culture, which can help to increase your retention rates.

5. Save your time and money

In recruitment, cheap and value for money are two very different things. Although going with a quick-fix recruitment provider might seem cheaper on the face of things, it can easily end up in wasted money, time and resources further down the line. It’s often the case, particularly for hard-to-fill roles, that the process has to be repeated when no suitable candidates are found, or worse still, a candidate has to be replaced several months down the line when they hand in their notice or have to be dismissed. 

The recruitment process is not quick, easy or cheap, but a recruitment partner who understands your business and has a pipeline of potential candidates has the best chance of finding the right fit. They can also prepare the candidates, schedule interviews, handle candidate follow-ups, gather feedback, check references and take care of the salary negotiations, saving you time and money along the way.

Your trusted electronics recruitment partner

At PER International, we’ve spent over 30 years building trust and key relationships within the electronics and semiconductor sectors and working with businesses and candidates around the world. We combine that unbeatable level of expertise with the latest technology to provide deliver exceptional service to our clients and candidates alike. 

Find out more about the client journey or get in touch to discuss your recruitment requirements with our team.