We’re Back!

During the first months of COVID and before the announcement of the vaccines, recruitment activity slowed to unprecedented levels across the electronics industry, but rather than resting on our laurels, we took the opportunity to improve the service we offer to our candidates and clients alike.

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about how our service has changed. We also wanted to reassure you that the worldwide power electronics, SMPS, UPS and power semiconductor industries are holding up, with lots of skilled candidates searching for new roles and plenty of employers with skills gaps to fill.

For Candidates

Whether you’re actively looking for a new electronics role or are considering whether a move could be right for you, we have a new range of service improvements to supercharge your search.

1. An improved candidate marketing process

We have refined our marketing process for candidates who are actively searching for electronics roles. Our real-time updates will ensure candidates know exactly where they are in the process, which companies we have approached and what the outcomes have been.

2. More targeted roles

We have made changes to the way we search our talent pool, adding more search criteria to allow us to hone in on the specific roles you’re looking for. That ensures you’ll only be contacted about positions that tick every box.

3. A new and interactive candidate matching process

We have made changes to our candidate matching process to give our candidates more information about exactly what each position involves before we put them forward for the role.

4. Better market insights

By improving the way we use our database, we can provide candidates with more information about the specific roles they’re interested in, from guides about how to make great electronics design CVs to insights about the state of the recruitment market for electronics engineers.

For Clients

We know these unprecedented times can be difficult to navigate, which is why we’ve made some important changes to refine and speed up the hiring process.

1. Specialist teams for each recruitment channel

We have created specialist teams to target candidates using each of our three recruitment channels - social media, engaging with our talent pool and cold-calling highly suitable candidates. Knowing how to get the most out of each channel allows us to dig a little deeper, improve the efficiency of our search and speed up the recruitment process.

2. Better targeting of candidates

By improving the way we search our talent pool, we’re able to target candidates that match your specific requirements for experience, skillset, salary and more. That means you only see candidates that are a perfect fit for the role.

3. An improved screening process

Our interactive screening process, which is informed by the kick-off call we have with every client, ensures any obstacles or sticking points are identified early on in the process so we don’t waste your time with unsuitable candidates.

4. More market insights

Improved analysis of our database allows you to access the latest information about the specific roles you’re recruiting for and make more informed decisions. That includes salary benchmarking, the size of the candidate pool and more.

5. Technical questionnaires and candidate profiles

We create detailed profiles based on technical questionnaires to give our clients a summary of the screening calls we’ve had with prospective candidates.

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