The New Bar for Electronics Recruitment

At PER Specialist Recruitment, we are at the forefront of the high-value recruitment industry. We’ve spent over 30 years building trust and key relationships within the global electronics sector. We combine that unbeatable level of expertise with the latest technology to provide an exceptional service to our clients and candidates alike.

But what is it that sets a high-value recruiter apart from the rest? We’re going to look at some of the benefits of working with a specialist recruiter such as PER and explore how our client journey adds value to your search every step of the way.

1. Harnessing technology

The technology that’s now available to recruiters allows us to analyse the market and dig much deeper into the skills, experience and salary expectations for every role. We then feed this information back to our clients so they can adjust their offering accordingly. That level of insight allows us to target and shortlist only the most credible candidates who are an excellent fit for the role.

Technology also allows us to reach out quickly to prospective candidates all around the world. We target leading electronics professionals in the Philippines, the US, Europe, Singapore, India and beyond. It’s that global reach that really sets us apart.

2. Fast access to every qualified candidate

Our unique candidate portal gives us unrivalled visibility of thousands of electronics professionals around the world. That includes those who are actively seeking a new role and those who may consider a new role if the offer met their requirements. If we don’t have the perfect candidate in our extensive database, we use a combination of social media and email and text campaigns to find them.

3. Working more closely with you

We are the long-term recruitment partners of many of the leading firms in the electronics industry. We not only work with our partners to understand their immediate recruitment challenges, but we also help them develop plans to secure their talent pipeline for the future. That includes continuous evaluation and succession planning to identify skills gaps and areas for development.

4. A professional finish to everything we do

From the initial consultation to the final decision, we guide you seamlessly through the recruitment process with high-quality communications every step of the way. All of our documents are seamlessly presented and include clear and concise insights so you can make the best decisions for your business. Nothing is rushed, but we always work quickly and keep you updated throughout the process.

5. Subject matter expertise

Having subject matter expertise is a prerequisite for any high-value recruiter. With 30 years of experience, we know the electronics industry inside-out and understand the specific skills, qualifications and experience that our clients are looking for.

We identify and vet highly qualified electronics roles in the SMPS, UPS, power electronics and power semiconductors sectors from graduate level up to senior executives and directors. As the industry becomes more specialised, it’s more important than ever to work with a recruiter that understands the nuances of every role.

Trust that we’re the specialists you need

Your search for an electronics recruitment partner ends here. Get in touch to find out how we add value at every stage of the process. We’d love to meet face-to-face for a coffee or to discuss your skills gap over the phone.