How to Sell Yourself With a Flawless Sales CV

Sales is one function of a business where numbers are everything. If you are searching for a new sales role in the power electronics, SMPS, UPS, power semiconductors or any other sector for that matter, you must focus on the targets you hit, the contracts you brought in and the revenue you generated. That will immediately help to mark you out as a serious candidate for the role.

But what else sets a great sales CV apart from the rest? In this article, we’ll share our top tips to help you sell yourself and land your next electronics sales role.

Start with a paragraph-long bio

Think of this section as your sales pitch. It should be a short, sharp summary of the skills you have to offer the employer and the features and benefits of hiring you. This is the first part of your CV that a recruiter or prospective employer will read, so use a headline statistic from a previous role to hook the reader and tailor the detail to make it particularly relevant to each role.

Get the length and formatting right

In a previous article, we provided tips on how to write a great engineering CV. In that case, detail is everything, so CVs that exceed two or even three pages are expected. For sales roles, although the numbers are important, the same level of detail is not required. Instead, you should focus on getting everything across succinctly in no more than two pages if you can.

Your sales CV must also be formatted consistently to show you in the best possible light. That means consistent capitalisation, no full stops after bullet points unless each point is a full sentence, and leaving enough white space to make your CV easy to read.

Include quantified results

Very few roles are as results-driven as a job in sales, so while it’s essential to list your skills, you should also include quantified results to back those skills up. To do that, you should focus on targets you have hit, revenue generated, unit sales and any other important metrics that are relevant to your industry. You should be as specific as possible to prove beyond doubt that you’re a talented salesperson who deserves to be shortlisted for an interview.

For example:

  • I averaged over £800,000 in annual sales over three years
  • I met or exceeded all of my targets and contributed to a 50% increase in revenue over 12 months

Detail the main markets you sell to

The approach needed to sell to different markets can vary tremendously. That’s why specific industry experience can be a huge advantage in sales, not to mention the connections you already have that you can bring to the role. Employers will want to know which businesses you have sold to and at what level to maximise the value that the successful candidate brings to the role.

Include your key design wins

A design win is a common phrase in the electronics industry to indicate that a chip or component has been designed into a product, leading to ongoing sales of that component. Providing as much detail as you can about your key design wins will show your experience in the industry and ability to generate results.

Perfect and polish

In any sales role, the ability to communicate clearly and present yourself professionally is paramount, so it’s vital that your sales CV reflects those characteristics. Taking the time to proofread your CV and asking a trusted contact in the industry to look through it will make sure the content and formatting are on point.

Reading your CV slowly and aloud is a great way to identify typos and clunky phrasing, while online tools such as Grammarly can help to make sure your spelling and grammar are flawless.

Start your search for a new electronics sales role today

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