Having spent 19 years working in the connector division of a power supplies distributor called Molex, Karin wanted to find a new role that was more challenging and would allow her to widen her existing skillset. There was no opportunity for progression with her current employer, so Karin gave us a call for some help.


After spending so much of her career with the same employer, Karin was understandably anxious about making the move. Initially, we provided plenty of guidance, working with her to identify what she wanted to achieve and exploring potential new avenues she could take. We also had to market her in the right way, as hiring managers can have preconceived ideas of candidates who have been in the same position for such a length of time.


As electronics jobs specialists, Karin trusted our opinion and allowed us to contact businesses about roles we thought were a good fit. We managed to find her a DACHS regional manager position which gave her more responsibility and represented a promotion on her previous role. She is now delighted she made the move.