As electronics jobs specialists, we’re often approached by recent graduates looking to land a permanent position in the industry. Connor had just finished his degree in power electronics and wanted to find a role that would serve as a starting point in his career. He wanted to work for an employer that would give him the opportunity to further his skills and was preferably located in Ireland.


We had Skype conversations with Connor to get a better idea of his skills and requirements. We felt that he was an extremely strong candidate who would be able to provide excellent value for employers looking for new recruits at graduate level. We made contact with an SMPS manufacturer with a design lab in Southern Ireland that we thought he would be an excellent fit for.


Although the SMPS manufacturer had not formally advertised a graduate-level position, on the back of our recommendation, they agreed that Connor could be a real asset to their business and fast-tracked the recruitment process. Within just a month of his initial contact with PER-International, Connor received a job offer.