We were contacted by Madalin, an experienced high voltage bid manager in Romania. He had been pointed in the direction of PER-International by a friend who was aware of our work as electronics recruitment specialists. He wanted to know whether we’d be able to help him find a role in the UK as his wife had recently been offered a job in London by Google.


Madalin’s wife was due to start her new role in just three months. Although that gave us very little time, Madalin’s experience and English-language proficiency meant we could start identifying companies he was well suited to. With established connections in many of those organisations, we were able to start marketing Madalin immediately.


Within just two months, we were able to secure Madalin a new job as a business development manager in the electronics industry in the UK. The job was at a similar level to the position he left in Romania at a company he now loves. He also offers his new employer a level of expertise in an area of the market they are keen to move into. Madalin and his wife are now happily settled in London.