Our client needed a product manager to be
based in South Germany with specific knowledge of a sub-section of the industry
and 5 years of experience as they continued to expand into this space.


Thanks to PER’s data team, our database
is extremely granular and we were able to identify which of the SMPS Product
Managers in our Talent Pool had 5 years of experience with DIN-Rail. We then
mapped these candidates inside Germany and reached out to those in South Germany.

Concomitantly, we then identified companies
inside Germany that focus on DIN-Rail and contacted these candidates at these
companies by social media, phone, and text campaigns.


We found a candidate who matched the job description perfectly. He wanted to move
into more of a managerial role and so for him it was a great opportunity too.
Given the challenges involved in finding such a specific role, the process had
to be very thorough as there just were not very many candidates that could do
the role.